Mr Alex Fan

Mr Alex Fan

Honorary Legal Counsel

Alex Fan has developed a broad civil and commercial practice, with strong expertise in among others company law and insolvency, securities law, asset preservation and recovery, contractual disputes, property litigation, trust and probate, commercial mediation, commercial arbitration and cross-border dispute resolution. Since 2020, Alex has been appointed by Hainan Provincial Government, PRC as instituting board member of Hainan International Arbitration Court (HIAC), being the only Hongkonger serving on the board. In the same year, Alex was installed as HIAC’s first President, being the first ever Hongkonger serving as the head of a bureau-director level arbitration institution in PRC.

Prior to joining the private practice, Alex served in the Prosecutions Division and Civil Litigation Unit of the Department of Justice, HKSAR, where he started to build up his expertise in criminal law, constitutional law and judicial reviews. Alex has advised and acted for a variety of clients, ranging from listed companies, multi-national companies, PRC state-owned enterprises, liquidators, public bodies, to small and medium enterprises, individuals as well as Official Solicitor, trade unions, charitable organisations and NGOs.

Alex has extensive experience in appearing in the High Court (both the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance), the District Court, the Lands Tribunal and the Magistracies, and is frequently instructed to appear in trials, appeals, and interlocutory applications (including ex parte applications, freezing injunctions and arbitration-related applications). Outside the courtroom, Alex is heavily engaged in commercial arbitration and mediation practice. In 2019, Alex completed the Investment Law and Investor-State Mediator Training Course organized by International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

With his unique experience and background in governance of education institutions, social welfare agencies and culture and art groups, Alex frequently advises and acts for organisations and individuals in legal and regulatory matters concerning the education, social welfare and cultural and art sectors. Alex is appointed as member and adjudicator of more than a dozen of government boards and statutory bodies and tribunals. He is serving as member of Youth Development Commission, Travel Industry Authority, Action Committee Against Narcotics, Long-term Prison Sentences Review Board, Consumer Legal Action Fund Management Committee, Appeal Boards Panel (Education), Committee on Certification for Principalship, Sub-Committee on Promotion of Student and Youth Volunteering, Subsidised Housing Committee and Finance Committee of Hong Kong Housing Authority, the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants Disciplinary Panel and observer of the Independent Police Complaints Council.