The 2nd Academy Festival Presents: School of Film and Television Graduation Screening

Calling all movie lovers! With graduation season fast approaching, the graduating class of the Academy’s School of Film and Television is ready to present seven films in late June! Each of the films is jointly produced by students from the School’s six majors, who have all devoted almost a year of hard work in the production process. Now it’s time to share the fruits to you all! We will present the seven films in two programmes: Programme One (four films) and Programme Two (three films). Each programme will be shown in both Academy Drama Theatre and The Metroplex. The main crew will also meet with the audience after the screenings.
Film synopsis:


Programme Details
Programme One
23 June 2:30pm @Academy Drama Theatre (Free admission*)
25 June 7:30pm @ The Metroplex (Buy Tickets:; Ticket price: $40)


Programme Two
23 June 7pm @Academy Drama Theatre (Free admission*)
27 June 7:30pm @The Metroplex (Buy Tickets:; Ticket price: $40)


* Tickets are released half an hour before the start of the respective screenings at the Academy Box Office on a first-come, first-served basis.