Hong Kong Arts Centre【Jockey Club ifva Everywhere】48 Hour Film Challenge Final Call for Applications! One More Week to Go!!!

Application Deadline: 29 June (Fri) 6pm (Hong Kong Time)

Challenge Time: 17 Aug (Fri) 7pm to 19 Aug (Sun) 7pm


If you are a challenge seeker who loves shooting, Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – 48 Hour Film Challenge will be an opportunity for you to turn the freshest ideas into an indie short film! One week left to apply! Form your team and act now!

50 teams will be selected to participate in the Film Challenge and complete a short film in 2 days and 2 nights. Teams who sprint to the finish line with completed short films will be eligible to compete for the “Jury Prize” (cash prize of HKD50,000) and the “Audience Prize” (cash prize of HK$50,000) !


Details: http://www.ifva.com/everywhere/
Application: https://goo.gl/U4qqqg