Membership Terms & Conditions

  • All Full Members registered for more than 12 months can be nominated as Voting Members of HKAAA.[I]
  • Benefits or discounts are subject to change without notice. Members should pay attention to Members Benefits on our website.  No liability of any kind will be borne by HKAAA. All business transactions made under the membership benefits of HKAAA are strictly between the merchant and HKAAA members. HKAAA will not be involved in any complaints made by any party in any business transaction. All inquiries should be made to the merchant directly.
  • HKAAA reserves the right to adjust the terms and conditions without prior notice. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of HKAAA.
  • The personal information of the applicant will be kept confidential and used for administration and promotion only.
  • Marketing and promotion materials will be sent to Members via Emails. If members wish to opt out of receiving promotional newsletters from HKAAA, please email

Membership Card:

  • Members will be issued with a membership number and membership card after successful application for membership in a month. The use of this card indicates that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions posted on this page.
  • The card is non-transferable. For discounts, a valid card must be presented before enrolment, purchase/ order of good/ services.
  • HKAAA will not be liable for any loss incurred as a result of any unauthorized use of a lost card. In case of lost or damaged, HK$50 will be charged for re-issuing a new membership card.
  • The card is the property of HKAAA. If found, please return to Unit 704, Hua Fu Commercial Building, No. 111 Queen's Road West, Sheung Wan


[I] Upon proposal by a Voting Member, and approved by the board of directors. Full Members who registered before 27thFebruary 2017 shall automatically become Voting Members. Please enquire our office staff regarding your status as a voting member of HKAAA.